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Gabe Tessaro

Guitar / Vocals

Gabe joined the group in 2017.  He started playing the guitar at the tender age of 8 years old and by fourteen, he played his first professional show. Since then, he has played in many bands including the well known That's Chester and Agave Blue, Gabe went on the road for 4 years and also did some Studio work as well as appearing 3 times on a Variety show in Thunder Bay. Over the years, he has played a multitude of shows, from the bar scene to being a musician in the stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar in ( 2003 ) and recently in the stage production of Tommy ( 2015 ). After taking a little hiatus from the music scene, he has come back full force and he couldn't be happier playing along the members of Obsession and looks forward to long future with them. 


Q&A With Gabe

What was your first Concert?  

What was or is your favorite band / artist?
Eric Clapton

What is your favorite song?
Pictures of Home (Deep Purple)

What is the first band you ever played in?
US (White River)

Who is your biggest musical influence?

Eric Clapton

Who is the best band you ever played in?

Obsession of course! 

What is your favorite hobby(s)?

Drinking Tequila

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