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Jess Amadio

Lead Vocals

Jess is a new comer to the music scene. Just after performing with Obsession a couple of times, the group invited her to be the new lead vocalist. She may be new but when you see her on stage, this isn't the case. Her stage presence will rival anyone who has been in the music scene for years. Growing up with a musical family, Jess has the knack of giving the audience what they want to hear and see. She comes from a family of professional musicians so you can surely see, it is a family tradition and she continues on the family legacy. 


Q&A With Jess

What was your first Concert?  
Backstreet Boys

What was or is your favorite band / artist?
Red Hot Chili Peppers / Foo Fighters

What is your favorite song?
Easily - Red Hot Chili Peppers

What is the first band you ever played in?

Who is your biggest musical influence?

My Uncle & Grandfather

Who is the best band you ever played in?

Obsession of course! 

What is your favorite hobby(s)?

Exercise / Camping

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