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Jim Michaud

Bass / Vocals

​Jim always had music as a major part of his life. He took bass lessons at an early age and soon after, he started to excel at his instrument. Jim moved to Sudbury for many years to work and where he also played in several bands. After many years away, Jim returned to the Sault and immediately began playing with top notch acts such as Shades of Blue and Rumours. After a successful run with the following acts, Jim decided to be his own boss and in 2005, started Obsession which now has a huge following and who has been going strong ever since. Jim's has a wide range of influences but his first love will always be Reggae and the love of Bob Marley. Jim has no intentions of retiring from music and will continue to lay down the bone rattling bass groves for Obsession for as long as he can. 

Q&A With Jim

What was your first Concert?  
April Wine

What was or is your favorite band / artist?
Pink Floyd

What is your favorite song?
Jamming (Bob Marley)

What is the first band you ever played in?
Teddy & The Bears

Who is your biggest musical influence?

Bob Marley

Who is the best band you ever played in?

Obsession of course! 

What is your favorite hobby(s)?



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